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Inforum 2018
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AD-100I - Industry: Infor's industry review for aerospace & defense Learn about the latest trends within the A&D industry and see how Infor can help you achieve your mission-critical objectives. You'll also get recommendations on how to make the most of your Inforum experience. Industry
AUTO-100I - Industry: Infor's vision for automotive Change is the only constant in the highly volatile automotive industry. Agile and efficient operations, from the shop floor to the top floor, foster innovation and open new opportunities in the face of changing market conditions. Learn about key trends behind the automotive industry's digital transformation and get the latest on Infor's automotive technology investments. We'll also provide an overview so you can maximize your conference experience. Industry
BI-001SSP - Sponsored by Fortude: A Practical Approach to Enterprise BI Learn how Fortude implemented Infor BI at Baptist Health, Arkansas' largest not-for-profit, full-service hospital system. The hospital shifted from functioning on traditional reporting to decision-driven, analytical reporting. Healthcare Analytics v.10.0, Infor BI, and Infor BPW was used to deliver advanced analytics and visualizations. Enhanced visibility of analytics and KPIs, reduced time spent maintaining reports, and ease of information collection were apparent following the Infor BI implementation. Speed
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BI-139 - Integrating Infor d/EPM integration with Infor OS Learn how Infor d/EPM interacts with the rich capabilities of Infor OS—Ming.le, collaboration, homepages, in-context, drill-back—and take a look at how d/EPM will take advantage of Infor Data Lake for data integration in the cloud and the powerful new conversational skills of Coleman AI. The result is a tightly integrated platform to elevate Infor’s performance management solutions to the next level. Vision
BI-140 - Infor d/EPM—The future of budgeting, planning, and consolidation Join this session to learn what's on the horizon for Infor d/EPM. We'll share our vision for this product suite, give you an up-close look at the roadmap, and preview some exciting new capabilities that are just around the corner. Vision
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BI-141 - Evolve from Infor BI to the Infor d/EPM Platform Learn about the exciting new features and services architecture for the Infor d/EPM Platform—formerly called Infor BI. You'll see the upcoming single version platform for on-premise and the cloud, the new Application Studio, Infor d/EPM for Office (formerly Office Plus), and deeper integration with Infor OS. Vision
BI-142 - The new Infor d/EPM platform—Comprehensive product overview Gain a more in-depth understanding of the new d/EPM Platform and planned features. You'll learn about the move to services architecture and the pervasive enhancements to every major facet of the new platform—including self-service, mobile, Excel integration, Application Studio, and more. Vision
BI-143 - Holistic budgeting with Infor d/EPM Experience a holistic view of the budgeting process—from strategy to execution. You'll learn how strategy, planning, and optimizing the workforce all come together with the Infor d/EPM application to create the overall budget framework. Product
BI-144 - Infor d/EPM roundtable discussion—Ask the experts Join Infor d/EPM leaders and executives from product management, development, and strategy in this open forum panel discussion. Don't miss the opportunity to ask questions, make suggestions, and network with other Infor d/EPM customers. Roundtable
BI-145 - Infor d/EPM and Corporate Performance Management user group meeting Network with peers at this gathering of Infor d/EPM and Corporate Performance Management customers. Roundtable
BI-146 - Infor d/EPM Workforce Planning—Optimization in a labor intensive environment Learn how Infor d/EPM can provide new and interesting options for optimizing workforce metrics in any industry. You'll hear about consistently reducing costs and increasing efficiencies throughout your business. Product
BI-147 - Infor d/EPM—Preview next generation financial consolidation Take a sneak peek at the exciting next generation of financial consolidation. You'll learn how the new features and functions can help transform your consolidation and reporting processes. Product
BI-148 - Aligning strategy and execution with enterprise performance management Hear how modern CFOs can approach strategy formulation and performance monitoring in an integrated framework that goes beyond operational reporting and analysis. Learn how you can use enterprise performance management solutions to support better decision making that aligns operations strategy with business execution, while also systematizing planning and consolidation, profitability management, and compliance. Vision
BI-149 - Infor d/EPM tips, techniques, and advanced features Attend this session to learn about lesser-known Infor d/EPM product features. You'll explore product capabilities that are often overlooked and underutilized during implementations. Don't miss the chance to see how you can get more out of your solution and more out of every day. Product
BI-150C - Case Study: Flex—Innovating with Workforce Planning As emerging technologies increase demand for new competencies and skill sets, finding the right talent is a business imperative for Flex—the Sketch-to-Scale® solutions provider that designs and builds Intelligent Products for a Connected World™. Join this session to learn how you can turn your workforce challenges into successful talent-sourcing opportunities. Case Study
BI-151C - Case Study: Kempinski Hotels—Day-by-day budgeting and strategic planning Join this session and learn how Kempinski provides its hotels with tools for budgeting and forecasting revenues and related metrics and KPI’s on a daily basis. You’ll see innovative ways the budgeting tools are integrated with the hotel industry USALI-compliant management reporting environment to present a clear strategy based on well-established assumptions. Case Study
BI-160A - Academy: Infor d/EPM—Create your first budget Build your first budget with Infor d/EPM Budgeting & Planning. You'll walk through all the steps in the budgeting process and gain information that will help you make the most of all the Infor d/EPM sessions. Academy
BI-161S - Speed: Infor d/EPM Decision Packages—The what, why, and when Decision Packages—What are they, how are they used, and how do they benefit all industries? Learn how the unique Decision Package functionality of Infor d/EPM adds value to the budgeting process for initiatives, capital, and much more. Speed
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BI-162S - Speed: The power of Infor d/EPM with Coleman A.I. Discover how Infor Coleman—a powerful artificial intelligence robot for business—is improving enterprise performance. You'll experience the power of Coleman's conversational skills and see how they can be used to explore information in Infor d/EPM. Speed
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BI-200A - Academy: Birst—Raw data to dashboards in minutes for true self-service analytics Explore the latest in smart, self-service analytics with Birst. Connect to data, prepare it for analysis, visualize it in beautiful dashboards on a computer, and even watch it come to life on your mobile phone in minutes. Join this session for a look at these impressive features. Academy
BI-211S - Speed: Birst—Modern analytics on Infor data combined with any other data Many companies struggle with analytics across data sets or wait too long to get access to simple reports. Come learn how Birst's patented technologies combine your Infor data and any other data in minutes, giving your business a connected and trusted view of all your data. Speed
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BI-212S - Speed: Birst—CloudSuite HCM powered by Birst optimizes operational effectiveness CloudSuite HCM powered by Birst is a new healthcare analytics solution designed to optimize workforce and operational effectiveness. Learn how this solution helps you manage labor spend, understand workload forecasting, and get ahead of compliance analysis. Speed
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BI-213S - Speed: Birst—Analytics and reporting powered by Birst in CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management Come see the new BI solution with the latest capabilities and features powered by Birst. This new solution includes pre-delivered industry-content packs and widgets that provide out-of-the-box operational reporting on core CloudSuite Financials & Supply Chain Management components. Speed
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BI-214S - Speed: M3 Analytics powered by Birst Infor is excited to introduce M3 Analytics powered by Birst. Technologies like IoT, big data, blockchain, and machine learning provide manufacturers and distributors with new sources of data, which they can analyze to increase margins, improve on-time deliveries, boost customer satisfaction, and win in a globally competitive marketplace. Learn what M3 Analytics powered by Birst is all about. Speed
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BI-215S - Speed: Driving data insights in CRM with Birst analytics See firsthand how the integration between CRM and Birst can enable sales, marketing, and support to remain customer focused in a data-driven world. Speed
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BI-216S - Speed: Smarter decisions with Birst Smart Analytics The BI and analytics space is experiencing a wave of disruption driven by AI innovations. Join this session to learn about Birst's Machine Learning capabilities and discover how Smart Analytics can transform the way you do business. Speed
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BI-221 - Smart, governed, and end-user focused—What's new in Birst? The pace of new features being added to the Birst platform, with its cloud-based architecture, is first-rate. Come to this session to learn about the latest and greatest features in Birst, and see how they can help accelerate the performance of your organization. Product
BI-222 - Birst deep dive—An in-depth look at networked analytics Get an in-depth look at the technologies that enable Birst's networked analytics. Learn about Birst's modern cloud architecture, our patented machine learning and automation technologies, and numerous product features that enable us to deliver unique capabilities in the business intelligence and analytics market. This session includes product demonstrations. Product
BI-223R - Roadmap: A look ahead—The Birst product roadmap Birst's next generation analytics platform continues to break new ground in the business intelligence industry. Learn about upcoming innovations from our Birst product experts. Roadmap
BI-225 - Birst—Value-based design: Driving business impact with analytics Drive greater results by better managing the analytics value cycle in your organization. Learn how to develop analytic solutions that deliver real business value by embracing the decision-making process and focusing on key value levers. In this session, you will learn how to develop a high-level value map and plan for your organization, how to identify key focus areas and business drivers that can impact your business, and how to put it all together from data to decision. How-To
BI-226 - Birst—Next generation BI and analytics Learn how leading companies are using Birst's groundbreaking networked analytics approach to leapfrog competitors and drive real business results. This analyst top-ranked Cloud BI and analytics platform, with its patented technology, is helping business become more data driven. You will also learn how Birst integrates with Infor products. Vision
BI-227 - Visualization deep dive—Best practices for developing dashboards in Birst Creating dashboards that communicate information clearly and effectively is more than just throwing numbers and charts on a page. Learn tips and tricks on how to build impactful visualizations and dashboards that deliver actionable insights. Discover how to tell a better story with your dashboards, enhance your end user's experience, and drive greater business value with data. Product
BI-228 - Data preparation and data modeling in Birst Learn how you can quickly connect, prepare, and relate data with Pronto, our self-service data preparation module. Discover how you can connect your insights with advanced data models in your organization. This session is geared to those who are new to data modeling in Birst. Business analysts will also find this session helpful as it gives foundational understanding of how data becomes available for use in reports and dashboards. How-To
BI-229 - Tip & Tricks: Safe, secure, and compliant in 2018—Birst security capabilities and best practices A key part of the Birst solution is the protection of data coming from Infor and non-Infor applications. The Birst team is constantly keeping up with the latest security and privacy issues, determining how they affect the Birst product and cloud, and addressing them as needed. Discover what Birst does to keep your data secure and how you can use Birst to govern access to your data. Hear about recent and planned changes to the Birst solution to continue to improve how Birst protects your data. Tips & Tricks
BI-230 - What is this Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that I keep hearing about? Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been in the news recently—from Chess- and Go-playing computers beating human grandmasters to Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. Even Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawking have warned about a future right out of the Matrix or Terminator. Understand the basics of AI and Machine Learning—the history, the hype, the reality. See how Birst uses these technologies to help bring Westworld and the Matrix into existence. Vision
BI-231 - Extending your analytics in Infor CloudSuite with Birst Birst delivers immediate value with core analytics in CloudSuite, but do you know how to deliver even more value and capabilities as your needs evolve? Learn how to deliver solutions that unlock the full value of analytics in your organization, including bringing in third-party data. In this session, you'll gain an understanding of how Birst has the right solution from core analytics on CloudSuite to a fully featured end-to-end platform. Product
BI-232 - Turn your data into dollars—Powered by Birst Birst customers have uncovered new revenue streams by creating innovative analytics products and expanding into new markets, using data they already own. Find out how Birst's unique networked BI technology can help you drive new business, create up-sell opportunities, ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, and bring new analytics products to market in remarkably fast time. Product
BI-241C - Case Study: Delivering an externally facing BI application to your customers Apex Supply Chain Technologies wished to introduce a BI application across three product lines for use by 10,000+ external customers. The goal was to allow customers to access actionable data enabling them to generate higher revenues. In January 2018, Apex rolled out the Lenz decision support tool built on top of Birst. Apex’s journey of designing, building, testing, and releasing the applications will be presented to demonstrate the power and flexibility of Birst in support of a global customer base. Case Study
BI-242C - Case Study: Northcentral University—Value-based design and actionable data In this session, the Northcentral University team will share how they converted the concept of value-based design into a functional daily methodology, converted the business mindset on how their dashboards should operate, and how they’ve developed best practices to achieve end-to-end results. Case Study
BI-243C - Case Study: Crossroads Church—Spirit Driven but data-assisted decisions Join this session to learn how Birst has been instrumental in providing data and insights to Crossroads Church’s ministry team leaders, delivering transparency and actionable insights that have allowed them to make decisions that were more informed by current data than ever before. You’ll learn what the implementation looked like, business results, and lessons learned. Case Study
Bkfast-999 - Breakfast Join us for breakfast in the Hub from 7:30am - 8:30am Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Breakfast
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CAP-101 - Customer Appreciation Party with Lenny Kravitz

Regarded as one of the preeminent rock musicians of our time, Lenny Kravitz has transcended genre, style, race, and class throughout his 20-year musical career, one which revels in the rich influences of ’60s and ’70s soul, rock, and funk.


Customer Appreciation Party
CHEM-100I - Industry: Infor's vision for the chemicals and life sciences industry Join industry strategist Andrew Dalziel to learn how leading chemicals and life sciences companies are rethinking traditional approaches to create new data-driven ways to deliver elevated experiences, services, or products. Learn key trends impacting the industry and how Infor can help you address them. You'll also receive an overview of recommended sessions to maximize your conference experience. Industry
CLD-100 - Move to the Cloud with confidence From the beginning and beyond, we aim to provide our customers with the best experience in getting systems up and running quickly and achieving a standard, upgradeable, and easily-supported deployment. From implementation accelerators to data migration tooling, learn how our customers are moving to the cloud with confidence on their digital journey. Product
CLD-101 - Journey to the Cloud Today's fastest-growing businesses take advantage of digital technologies to overtake the competition and disrupt entire industries. Learn how businesses are embracing the latest in innovation from big data analytics to AI. Product
CLD-102 - Best practices in Cloud security Hackers and security breaches are a concern for many businesses. Not only can they have an immediate effect on operations, but also a longer-term impact on brand and consumer confidence. Learn how CloudSuite employs a “defense-in-depth” strategy to implement multiple layers of overlapping security to safeguard your data through each link of the chain. Product
CLD-103 - Decoding digital transformation in the Cloud Learn how Infor Services can help you transform your business with an end-to-end cloud delivery model that will simplify and accelerate your journey and provide expertise and support along the way. We will walk you through every step of your cloud transformation so you’re consistently evolving your business, deriving ongoing benefits from your cloud implementation, and taking advantage of new releases. Product
CLD-200S - Speed: Decoding digital transformation The Infor Cloud is transforming businesses to be digital, embracing the latest in innovation from big data analytics to AI. Learn more about how the Infor Cloud can digitally transform your business for optimal results. Speed
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CLD-201S - Speed: The value of modernizing your ERP Digital has transformed our personal lives, and we recognize the massive opportunity that exists for the enterprise. Imagine seamlessly applying these technologies to revolutionize the way we work. Today, you have access to more tools than ever to transform your business with a modern ERP solution in the cloud. Join this session and learn more. Speed
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CLD-202S - Speed: Security best practices Learn how Infor CloudSuite employs a “defense-in-depth” strategy to implement multiple layers of overlapping security to safeguard your data through each link of the chain and ensure a high level of solution availability. Speed
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