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BI-140 - Infor d/EPM—The future of budgeting, planning, and consolidation Join this session to learn what's on the horizon for Infor d/EPM. We'll share our vision for this product suite, give you an up-close look at the roadmap, and preview some exciting new capabilities that are just around the corner. Vision
BI-141 - Evolve from Infor BI to the Infor d/EPM Platform Learn about the exciting new features and services architecture for the Infor d/EPM Platform—formerly called Infor BI. You'll see the upcoming single version platform for on-premise and the cloud, the new Application Studio, Infor d/EPM for Office (formerly Office Plus), and deeper integration with Infor OS. Vision
BI-142 - The new Infor d/EPM platform—Comprehensive product overview Gain a more in-depth understanding of the new Infor d/EPM platform and planned features. You'll learn about the move to services architecture and the pervasive enhancements to every major facet of the new platform—including self-service, mobile, Excel integration, Application Studio, and more. Vision
BI-143 - Holistic budgeting with Infor d/EPM Experience a holistic view of the budgeting process—from strategy to execution. You'll learn how strategy, planning, and optimizing the workforce all come together with the Infor d/EPM application to create the overall budget framework. Product
BI-144 - Infor d/EPM roundtable discussion—Ask the experts Join Infor d/EPM leaders and executives from product management, development, and strategy in this open forum panel discussion. Don't miss the opportunity to ask questions, make suggestions, and network with other Infor d/EPM customers. Roundtable
BI-145 - Infor d/EPM and Corporate Performance Management user group meeting Network with peers at this gathering of Infor d/EPM and Corporate Performance Management customers. Roundtable
BI-146 - Infor d/EPM workforce planning—Optimization in a labor intensive environment Learn how Infor d/EPM can provide new and interesting options for optimizing workforce metrics in any industry. You'll hear about consistently reducing costs and increasing efficiencies throughout your business. Product
BI-147 - Infor d/EPM—Preview next generation financial consolidation Take a sneak peek at the exciting next generation of financial consolidation. You'll learn how the new features and functions can help transform your consolidation and reporting processes. Product
BI-148 - Aligning strategy and execution with enterprise performance management Hear how modern CFOs can approach strategy formulation and performance monitoring in an integrated framework that goes beyond operational reporting and analysis. Learn how you can use enterprise performance management solutions to support better decision making that aligns operations strategy with business execution, while also systematizing planning and consolidation, profitability management, and compliance. Vision
BI-160A - Academy: Infor d/EPM—Create your first budget Build your first budget with Infor d/EPM Budgeting & Planning. You'll walk through all the steps in the budgeting process and gain information that will help you make the most of all the Infor d/EPM sessions. Academy
BI-161S - Speed: Infor d/EPM Decision Packages—The what, why, and when Decision Packages—What are they, how are they used, and how do they benefit all industries? Learn how the unique Decision Package functionality of Infor d/EPM adds value to the budgeting process for initiatives, capital, and much more. Speed
BI-211S - Speed: Birst—Modern analytics on Infor data combined with any other data Many companies struggle with analytics across data sets or wait too long to get access to simple reports. Come learn how Birst's patented technologies combine your Infor data and any other data in minutes, giving your business a connected and trusted view of all your data. Speed
BI-212S - Speed: Birst—CloudSuite HCM powered by Birst optimizes operational effectiveness CloudSuite HCM powered by Birst is a new healthcare analytics solution designed to optimize workforce and operational effectiveness. Learn how this solution helps you manage labor spend, understand workload forecasting, and get ahead of compliance analysis. Speed
BI-213S - Speed: Birst—Analytics and reporting powered by Birst in CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management Come see the new BI solution with the latest capabilities and features powered by Birst. This new solution includes pre-delivered industry-content packs and widgets that provide out-of-the-box operational reporting on core CloudSuite Financials & Supply Chain Management components. Speed
BI-221 - Smart, governed, and end-user focused—What's new in Birst? The pace of new features being added to the Birst platform, with its cloud-based architecture, is first-rate. Come to this session to learn about the latest and greatest features in Birst, and see how they can help accelerate the performance of your organization. Product
BI-222 - Birst deep dive—An in-depth look at networked analytics Get an in-depth look at the technologies that enable Birst's networked analytics. Learn about Birst's modern cloud architecture, our patented machine learning and automation technologies, and numerous product features that enable us to deliver unique capabilities in the business intelligence and analytics market. This session includes product demonstrations. Product
BI-223R - Roadmap: A look ahead—The Birst product roadmap Birst's next generation analytics platform continues to break new ground in the business intelligence industry. Learn about upcoming innovations from our Birst product experts. Roadmap
BI-224 - Move beyond the report backlog with Birst Professional Edition Birst Professional Edition enables business users to quickly connect to many data sources, prepare the data, and create stunning interactive dashboards. Come learn how Birst Professional Edition accelerates your business intelligence efforts. Product
BI-225 - Birst—Value-based design: Driving business impact with analytics Drive greater results by better managing the analytics value cycle in your organization. Learn how to develop analytic solutions that deliver real business value by embracing the decision-making process and focusing on key value levers. In this session, you will learn how to develop a high-level value map and plan for your organization, how to identify key focus areas and business drivers that can impact your business, and how to put it all together from data to decision. How-To
BI-226 - Birst—Next generation BI and analytics Learn how leading companies are using Birst's groundbreaking networked analytics approach to leapfrog competitors and drive real business results. This analyst top-ranked Cloud BI and analytics platform, with its patented technology, is helping business become more data driven. You will also learn how Birst integrates with Infor products. Vision
CLD-100 - Move to the Cloud with confidence From the beginning and beyond, we aim to provide our customers with the best experience in getting systems up and running quickly and achieving a standard, upgradeable, and easily-supported deployment. From implementation accelerators to data migration tooling, learn how our customers are moving to the cloud with confidence on their digital journey. Product
CLD-101 - Journey to the Cloud Today's fastest-growing businesses take advantage of digital technologies to overtake the competition and disrupt entire industries. Learn how businesses are embracing the latest in innovation from big data analytics to AI. Product
CLD-102 - Best practices in Cloud security Hackers and security breaches are a concern for many businesses. Not only can they have an immediate effect on operations, but also a longer-term impact on brand and consumer confidence. Learn how CloudSuite employs a “defense-in-depth” strategy to implement multiple layers of overlapping security to safeguard your data through each link of the chain. Product
CLD-103 - Decoding digital transformation in the Cloud Learn how Infor Services can help you transform your business with an end-to-end cloud delivery model that will simplify and accelerate your journey and provide expertise and support along the way. We will walk you through every step of your cloud transformation so you’re consistently evolving your business, deriving ongoing benefits from your cloud implementation, and taking advantage of new releases. Product
CLD-200S - Speed: Decoding digital transformation The Infor Cloud is transforming businesses to be digital, embracing the latest in innovation from big data analytics to AI. Learn more about how the Infor Cloud can digitally transform your business for optimal results. Speed
CLD-201S - Speed: The value of modernizing your ERP Digital has transformed our personal lives, and we recognize the massive opportunity that exists for the enterprise. Imagine seamlessly applying these technologies to revolutionize the way we work. Today, you have access to more tools than ever to transform your business with a modern ERP solution in the cloud. Join this session and learn more. Speed
CLD-202S - Speed: Security best practices Learn how Infor CloudSuite employs a “defense-in-depth” strategy to implement multiple layers of overlapping security to safeguard your data through each link of the chain and ensure a high level of solution availability. Speed
CLD-203S - Speed: Cloud ERP your way Enhance your experience with the latest tools in configuration and personalization to extend your cloud solution. Speed
CLD-204S - Speed: Move to the Cloud with confidence From implementation accelerators to data migration tooling, take a deep dive into Infor's deployment strategy and see how we are moving customers to the cloud with confidence. Speed
CSI-101R - Roadmap: CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Experience our exciting vision for CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) including new functionality, innovations, advanced capabilities, and value for maintenance. Learn how our roadmap will help create new business opportunities. Discover why cloud is good for everyone. Roadmap
CSI-201A - Academy: DataView reporting in CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Learn about DataView reporting features used by standard reports in CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine). Get answers to your questions about advanced topics with DataViews, KPIs, and search. Academy
CSI-202A - Academy: Application event system basics for notifications in CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Learn how the event message system in CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) can be used to send notifications throughout the application. This session will feature a review of both notification and process events, as well as an overview of event message activities and supporting features. Academy
CSI-203A - Academy: Using Infor Ming.le Home Pages and widgets for CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Introducing Infor Ming.le Home Pages and the widgets available for CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine). Learn how you can build personalized workspaces, have data delivered automatically to users based on roles and priorities, and much more. Academy
CSI-204A - Academy: CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) extensibility best practices Learn how Infor Services leverages Infor Mongoose tools to create extensions within CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine). Get hands-on experience using toolset wizards and form designer to add functionality to your CloudSuite Industrial to stay current and upgrade with minimal administration. Academy
CSI-302 - Get the scoop—Pick, pack, ship for CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Learn more about pick, pack, and ship for CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine). See how this module saves manufacturers valuable time and improves shipping accuracy. Discover how it help can help streamline the shipment of bundled and kit products. Product
CSI-303 - Infor Document Management for CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) This session is a must for all new and existing customers implementing or upgrading to CloudSuite Industrial. Infor Document Management, part of the Infor OS technology stack, is our go-forward solution beginning with V9.01. Join us for an overview of its features and benefits. Product
CSI-304T - Tips & Tricks: How to do an implementation in the cloud—Tips & tricks for success Preparing project teams to start a cloud implementation or an upgrade to the cloud? Learn some important tips and tricks that are critical to a successful implementation in the cloud. Tips & Tricks
CSI-305 - Implementation accelerators—How customers can leverage for upgrades of CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Learn how you can use implementation accelerators to minimize risk, lower costs, reduce implementation times, and speed ROI when implementing or upgrading to CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine). Product
CSI-306 - Benefits of moving from SyteLine to CloudSuite Industrial in the cloud Considering moving to the cloud? Learn about the many benefits of a cloud deployment from the basics to the cost, convenience, agility, extensibility, and ROI. Get all of the facts before making this critical decision. Product
CSI-307 - Financial enhancements for CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Learn about the new financial enhancements in CloudSuite (SyteLine), including multi-currency, fixed assets, electronic banking, and more. Product
CSI-308 - Infor Mongoose form reporting in CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Infor Mongoose form reporting is an extensible and multi-tenant cloud-friendly reporting option in CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine). Learn how to build and personalize complex business documents like invoices and purchase orders using the Infor Mongoose forms designer. See how Infor Mongoose form reporting allows you to maintain future compatibility with vendor application changes. Product
CSI-309 - Using Mobile Service Management—connected and disconnected for CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Learn more about connected service using our CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) mobile solution. You'll get a sneak peak at the new Android and IOS disconnected mobile applications. Product
CSI-310 - Isolating performance issues to improve end results with CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Multiple factors can influence bottom-line performance of CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine). Learn how to troubleshoot and isolate factors so you can focus on solutions that provide measurable end results. Product
CSI-311 - New innovation solutions—The Infor technology platform Learn about the next generation of the technology platform. From machine learning and conversational systems to new extensibility tools and self-service reporting, you'll get a preview of the many exciting things ahead. See case studies that illustrate how CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) users can benefit. Product
CSI-312 - New technical and advanced features in CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Discover new technical and advanced features in CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine), including IDO, API, theming, and mobile forms. Product
CSI-313 - Infor Coleman features for CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) The future of artificial intelligence—See how voice automation and machine learning come to life with CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) and Coleman. Product
CSI-314 - How can the Application Event System be your best friend for personalization? Learn how to personalize business processes by leveraging the CloudSuite Application Event System. Create new workflows, notify users of changes, prompt managers for approval, and sync data to custom tables. Best of all, see how personalized events can be easily migrated from one environment to another. Product
CSI-315 - Extreme Support Team—How we can help Discover the tools and services offered by Infor Support for cloud and on-premise customers. Learn about Infor Concierge to view all things Infor, the automatic monthly process that keeps your cloud system up-to-date, how to use favorites, and more. Share and learn from other customers in a roundtable discussion. Product
CSI-316 - How to leverage BODs as an integration strategy Learn how to leverage inbound and outbound BODS to send data to CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine). Discover how to consume data published by CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) as a system of record. Product
CSI-401 - Infor Mongoose and technology roundtable—CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Join this open discussion between IT managers, users, and Infor Mongoose product experts about CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) solutions. See how these solutions can be deployed to drive improved business performance, from the shop floor to the top floor. Roundtable
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